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User terms

Haaartland is a platform with a purpose. Our purpose is to create more togetherness between people. When you are using the platform, you are accepting this purpose and you are responsible to act in accordance with this purpose.

About team haaartland and our mission together with you

We are a small team up in the Nordics that work hard together with a growing number of users (you : ) to create a unique platform. A safe space for any group of people you want to bring together in trustful collaboration. Scandinavian simple. Affordable for all. We need your help in keeping the platform live up to its purpose, we are on this mission together.

No ads, no ad-tracking

One of the problems when you use traditional social networks is the ad-model. In order to keep them “free” you are tracked by advanced software, in some cases even your private messenger conversations with your spouse, friends are tracked. Your data is sometimes sold to third parties. And ads are targeted towards you. We think this is all pretty un-cool. So, haaartland is different – we have no ad-tracking software and we do not sell data to third parties.

Play nice – we are all different

When you think about it, the word “self-evident” means ‘evident to yourself’ – not to others. So yes, you will find people on this platform that have other opinions than you. This is beautiful, expansive and sometimes also challenging. See this as a opportunity to grow as a person. Have a respectful tone, pep rather than judge, listen and learn, play nice. To support togetherness we all need to have a grown-up dialogue. Basic manners, that will be enough. Respect people’s differences and treat people the way you want to be treated yourself. Abusive behaviour such as posting of abusive content, nuisance reporting of other members, repeated negative and unfactual remarks to other members trying to contribute to the community, will lead you to be banned from our community. Sad, but we have be tough on this. No bullying allowed.

Your content is your content

You retain rights to any content you post on haaartland. We license it from you for free to be able to show it on our platform. You are responsible for posting content on the haaartland that you own, other’s content is a no-no.

No objectionable content

As mentioned above under ‘Play Nice’ we believe that we all are different and that this should act as an inspiration for debate and learning rather than a source of conflict. To make things perfectly clear - mean spirited content, such as racist, anti-queer/homophobic, religious or other aggressive hate-driven rhetoric aimed at driving a wedge between people, realistic portrayals of violence against both animals or humans, incitements to violence, overtly sexual or pornographic material has no place in our community.

Reporting offensive content

You can report offensive content directly under the post, in a comment where it appears or under a person’s profile. This report will go directly to the community owner and to haaartland. Be advised that both the community owner and haaartland can ban you from the community where you did act in conflict with our rules.

Community owners, members and haaartland

Community owners – the person/organization that sets up a community that you join as member - often adopt ‘house rules’ to help the community feel safe and thrive. Please respect these and be aware that a community owner has the right to block your membership in the community if you do not comply with these rules – or the general purpose of haaartland. Also, haaartland might close a community if the community owner does not rectify behavior inside a community that is in violation with the haaartland purpose, e.g. ‘play nice’ rules. Haaartland can also issue a complete block if the user acts abusive - then a user is blocked from all of Haaartland.

Advice and solicitation on platform

Community members may offer each other advice on the platform. Such advice is to be construed as volunteer work only - like informal casual advice from a friend.

Note: some experts run communities. However valuable, this advice is to be seen as inspirational and generic. Acting on advice offered by experts in these communities is by default your own personal responsibility. Also note: at the present moment, we explicitly do not allow communities where medical counseling, investment advice to private entities, or similar advice with potentially serious consequences is offered.

Also, do not paste links in comments for marketing or other influencing purposes or otherwise engage in marketing in communities where you are not the owner.


As a registered haaartland user you can support a community by paying for products and services on haaartland. This can for example be a fee for the youth soccer team, a subscription for a community driven newspaper or for access to an expert. A community owner can offer this opportunity and it’s up to you to enter into agreement with a community owner making this offer. Any claims you have coming out of the agreement between you and the community owner shall be directed towards the community owner. Haaartland cannot be held responsible for circumstances coming out of this contractual relationship.

Haaartland does not grant refunds. Refunds have to be granted from the community owner. If the community owner decides to issue a refund, the community owner can request a payout from our third-party payment provider Stripe™ (or other future payment providers) to you. Please expect 5-10 banking days for a refund to land on your account after its issue.

Monthly subscriptions renew on the 1st each month, so make sure to cancel your subscription in good time before the end of the month. Unfortunately, termination will lead to you not having access to the community anymore. Receipts of your subscriptions will always be available to you under your personal settings.

Getting Paid – by offering products and services on haaartland

Who can offer a paid community?

Anyone can offer a paid community on haaartland. However, there are some very rare exceptions. Just like a country can deny entry for people sentenced or active in terror-organizations, sentenced in a court of law of a democratic country for a serious crime or various kinds of hate-preachers, we can deny you from setting up a paid community. If we discover later on that you fall under one of these descriptions, we might terminate your community at our own discretion. So, if the togetherness you are planning is of doubtful intent, we advise you not to even start it on our platform. Our responsibility is to the larger community at haaartland.

What can be part of a paid community?

You can offer access to a community via a paid subscription. Other methods and possibilities might be added in the future, but as of the date of these user terms this is what you can offer.

Example: You have a yoga studio. The togetherness – the community is made up of people visiting your location or hanging out online to support it. Access to the community is both the way to pay for physical access to the studio and to yoga videos you put up and the community part. In the future you might sell yoga mats and yoga blocks on the community as well.

Do I have to comply with local law?

It’s important that you offer products and services that are in line with the applicable law in both your country and the countries you are marketing towards.

Do you have any rules that are applied regardless of local law?

We have set the following exceptions ourselves regardless of the applicable laws:

Regardless of what local law says, you cannot offer:

  • Pornography
  • Sexual services
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Anything that supports fraud, money laundering or gambling
  • Anything that exploits people in an exposed position – such as aggressive loans or unproven cures for diseases
  • Anything related to self-harm or dare-devil stunts

If you have any doubts regarding if you could fall within these categories, we are probably not the right place for you.

How can my community be marketed?

We welcome you to market your haaartland-community. But at the same time we urge you to apply “white hat practices” when marketing. If you want to build community, then respect the people who you want to join.

How about marketing your community or products inside your community towards haaartland users?

  • Messenger – don’t spam in the messenger. This will only back-fire. If we get complaints, we might need to shut down your community.
  • Offers in posts in a community you own – you are free to market products or services that are legit towards your members. Legit means: not in conflict with local law or haaartlands own restrictions (see above).
  • Sponsorships are totally fine – but they need to be open and transparent.
  • Posting with link in comments on other’s community is a big no-no – instead do a colab with the other community owner and get permission to link to your community or if a community owner explicitly states in own community ‘house rules’ that people can market in posts. Much better!

Can the terms for offering paid subscriptions, products or services on haaartland be changed?

Yes, we reserve the right to change these terms with 30 days notice. However, we are very long-term in our focus to build togetherness and in most cases changes will only be more beneficial for you.

How will I get paid?

Where will my payments occur?

Payouts are made automatically to your designated bank account. Provide a correct IBAN-number.

When will I get paid?

Pay-outs are typically made on one of the last banking day of the month.

Is there a monthly calculation?

Yes - you will get a summary of earnings, deductions of our fee in an email from us on payout. Also, you can find your monthly earnings-reports under your settings.

What is deducted?

We are currently deducting 12% of the member fees you are getting from your members. This covers our costs for running and developing the platform, Stripe™-fees and credit card fees from the banks. Today, Stripe™ runs our payments and they need to get paid. The extremely powerful haaartland platform is an ongoing cost, and we also need to get paid. And the credit-card companies need to get paid as well. All in all we think 12 % is pretty decent : )

Who is responsible for taxes?

Be advised that you are responsible for paying taxes as an individual, as a company or a non-profit in the jurisdiction where you’re are taxed.

Who is responsible for keeping your bank records up-to date in haaartland?

Well, it’s you... : ) Be advised that you must always keep your bank account up to date since payout will go out automatically to this account if you don’t change to another bank-account under your settings.


The relationship with your paying member (if you are the community owner)

You are entering into an agreement with your paying member. When doing so we expect you to act fairly and with the long-term interests of yourself, your paying member and haaartland in mind. It’s often better to be flexible, than spend time on things that have gone sour. We are all human, and sometimes there just isn’t a fit between what you provided and where the paying member is at the moment.

The relationship with haaartland (if you are the community owner)

haaartland is a togetherness platform – our mission is to make a togetherness, a community, possible. When the community is a paid access community, or any transaction between you and the paying member, it is important to note that haaartland is not a party in this exchange, we provide a platform on which you can fund you community, raise money for a cause or simply get paid for a mix of community and product. We are the platform, not the product/service, not the paying member of the community.

Also, you are an independent party in relation to haaartland. No employee-employer relationship, no agency relationship or the like happens as a consequence of you starting a paid community or offerings products or services on haaartland.


Disputes are settled directly between the community owner and paying member. The community owner can if she/he decides reimburse the paying member. Haaartland takes an administrative cost of $30 per manual payout in a dispute.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding these user terms, you may contact us using the information below:

Haaartland.com c/o United Spaces Klarabergsviadukten 63 111 64 Stockholm Sweden The Nordics

for user-terms and abuse: support@haaartland.com