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For many of you Christmas is long gone and thoughts are of Easter and better weather.

During the Christmas period I have never felt so alone it certainly hit home that I was on my own. No family, no friends. For me Christmas has two special days. The first being the 24th it’s all about celebrating the Swedish way. I just love the pickled herring and special atmosphere. The first serving being rice porridge. One of my Favorites Glögg always partly home made with each family’s special ingredients. The smell of cloves and other spices filling every home with its uniqueness. The family joining in and everyone giving a helping hand and food slowly being churned out of the kitchen to reach the hungry clan at the table. A day full of excitement and love. The day after is extra special for me as it is the 25th and time to meet up with the family and celebrate the English way with Turkey and the trimmings, the same again but no clear favourite after so many years living in Sweden.

Please don’t mention BREXIT. 

The 24th was a bad day for me laying on my sofa thinking of my family and close friends. This year I missed it all as I am in Saudi Arabia, the first time in my 54 years of being alone. On the 25th I was roped in to making a film about road traffic safety. Little did I know that I had lines in this short film. Lucky me it got me out of the house and away from my thoughts. In Saudi Arabia we have a problem with road traffic accidents and almost 25% of all beds in paediatric wards are taken up by its victims. Every day there are around 22 deaths a day and countless injured.

Our film is about raising awareness for the use of child car seats and encouraging business to help fund and donate child seats to new born babies. Come on Mothercare, Britax, Baby Björn, IKEA. ALJ, medical insurance companies.

Nahmy for whom we made the film for is an organization of volunteers. Volunteers that go to hospitals and deliver child car seats, install them, and discuss with parents the dangers and risks involved when not used. Fact 7% of all those involved in traffic accidents in Saudi lead to permanent disabilities, many of those are children.

Nahmy is looking for sponsors. Sponsors could be a small business wanting to make a small contribution or larger corporations wanting to get involved through focused CSR campaigns in road traffic safety. On the 25th of December, we were in the desert filming in a camping area, plenty of tea and a great lunch was served in a communal tent on the floor in a traditional Saudi style. Long into the evening in front of the campfire, repeat after repeat. It certainly made me forget about being alone with my thoughts and being lost. My thoughts were more about how can I make a difference what can I do to help. Having lived in Sweden for 31 years, it’s the norm you wear a seatbelt both front and back. Not to mention child safety and child seats. It makes me so mad to see how many neglect their children’s rights when driving. When you see the film, you will understand better.

On the 26th, Boxing day. I love that word its family day. Lay on the sofa and raiding the fridge day. Nothing special for me. Up early and into work to see what they had instore.

Leslie you’re driving the car. Really. I can’t remember how many times we drove around that roundabout. The cameraman’s car a smart Mazda combi. Zakaria in front almost laying in the front window. I braked sharply for a car driving into the roundabout, illegally I might add. Another one who does not follow the rules. Leslie what are you doing to my car asks Zakaria as he bumped his head and lost his position of somewhat comfort. A huge roar of laughter in the car. Leslie, do it again. I think we drove around the roundabout about thirty times. Try getting your lines right when driving and minding those that don’t follow the rules. It was quite stressful.

We discussed briefly about getting an elephant for the back seat to get the message across about weight. The only elephant we could find was a pink one, very cute it was. A great way to focus on increase of body mass at speed.

The most heart breaking part of the film for me was my visit to hospital the children’s ward. Having three grown up children it is not easy to hear the screams of pain and discomfort and not be affected. I really had to grit my teeth. I remember too well of my own son being flown in a helicopter after he had practiced flying off his bike like Batman. If you get a chance please view the film and share. What do I want out of this film? To save a life. To influence people to speak out about the solution and challenges we have of getting more seats and sending a message to drivers. Educate the public. And maybe for the real influencers on social media to take this to heart and become ambassadors for Nahmy.

Now it’s time to go and work on our new project called Redrive you can find us at Focus is on road traffic safety and education using specialist simulators so every fleet operator can make a difference, by producing competent drivers that understand the laws and values of safe driving. Build a baseline to measure your organizations skills and compare with others. Share knowledge and insights.

Please get in touch if you want to more about us and how you can help.

Leslie Clarke

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